Atlas Energy Park

La Paz County, Arizona

Project Description

The proposed Atlas Solar Tie Line Project will be a 500kV transmission line that will interconnect the proposed Atlas Solar Generation Facilities to the regional transmission system to the Ten West Link 500 kV transmission line at the ACC-approved Cielo Azul Switchyard in La Paz County, Arizona. 

The Project will originate at two new Project substations (500kV) that will convert power generated or stored at the Atlas Solar Generating Facilities to 500 kV.  From the new substations, new transmission lines will interconnect the new substations to the adjacent Cielo Azul Switchyard.  Both transmission lines associated with the Project will be less than 0.25 miles (400 m) in length. 

Project Location

The Project will be located in La Paz County, on La Paz County-owned land. The Project substations will occupy an area of approximately 12 acres in the 21 acre Substations Siting Area located within the larger boundary of the Atlas Solar Generating Facilities. The transmission lines will require a right-of-way of 100 feet within siting corridors located in the Substations Siting Area and previously approved Cielo Azul Switchyard. For the transmission line components, the Project will use wood or steel monopole structures. The structures will be approximately less than 200 feet (60 m) tall.

Project Need and Benefit

The Project is needed to interconnect the Atlas Solar Generation Facilities to the regional transmission grid.  The Atlas Solar Generation Facilities will provide the region with urgently needed renewable power as one of the largest solar plus energy storage projects in North America. The Project is compatible with La Paz County land use regulations and will provide significant revenue to the County.  The Project is located in a remote undeveloped area and is compatible with neighboring land uses which include the Ten West Link transmission line, the recently approved Cielo Azul Switchyard, the Central Arizona Project and Interstate 10.

Public Hearing Information

May 9-11, 2022

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