Save Money With Solar

By consuming the energy produced from an on-site solar project, you can lower electricity costs for the next 25+ years.

State and Federal Incentives

There are several incentives across multiple states for hosting a solar project including tax credits, cash rebates, and a property tax abatement, just to name a few.

Make Money With Solar

By selling the energy your solar project produces, you could turn your unused property into annual energy revenue.

No Upfront Cost Options

Projects can be 100% financed and structured to be cash positive from day one. We offer simple payback options designed to help you pay off your solar project quicker.


Diversify Revenue

Deliver Clean Power to The Grid

Commitment to Sustainable Energy

100% Solar Energy

Some of Our Work


174 Power Global provides clean, 100-percent renewable energy by partnering with responsible landowners, community members, investors, and other industry stakeholders in the U.S. to build solar plants and energy-storage facilities.

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