Digital Infrastructure functions as a large, centralized computer that operates much faster, facilitates significantly more data storage and can run multiple programs simultaneously compared to traditional computers. These supercomputers are comprised of multiple smaller computers working together to solve some of today’s biggest problems and operate at levels too complex for desktop computers.

Digital Infrastructure Meets Sustainability

174 Power Global is a leading energy development company with experience developing projects of various technologies including Digital Infrastructure, Energy Storage, Green Hydrogen and Solar. Our team has decades of experience in developing, financing, constructing, and operating energy projects. Our portfolio includes energy projects in development, construction, and operation throughout North America.

A Digital Infrastructure Facility At-A-Glance

Project Lifecycle


  • Timeframe: Months
  • Description: 174 Power Global obtains necessary permits from presiding agencies.
  • Community Benefits: 174 Power Global conducts outreach to stakeholders to address concerns early in the process.


  • Timeframe: Weeks
  • Description: Construction begins, which includes land clearing, staging and testing.
  • Community Benefits: Best practices are employed by 174 Power Global to safeguard the environment and community.


  • Timeframe: 3-5 Years
  • Description: Project remains in full operations mode.
  • Community Benefits: New local jobs are created and filled.


  • Timeframe: End of Operational Lifecycle
  • Description: Project equipment, including containers, racks and electrical equipment, is removed.
  • Community Benefits: Land is allowed to restore to its original state.