Completed: October 2014
Location: West Nyack, NY
Scale: 2.36 MW DC

Energy output: 206,375,360 kWh/year

Councilman Hoehmann first proposed the idea of a solar field on Clarkstown’s landfill to turn trash into flash bringing new life to the landfill and maximizing power use savings. The 174 Power Global team managed the turnkey installation of this 2.36 MW ground mount solar system on Clarkstown’s capped landfill, adding 8,744 solar panels across 13 acres of land and commencing the first large scale municipal solar field in New York State.

There was zero-development cost to the Clarkstown and instead, save the town more than $4.6 million over the life of the system. The solar system will also offset 170,000 tons of carbon each year, putting Clarkstown on the map as a leading example of sustainable energy.