Completed: September 2014
Location: Bronx, New York
Scale: 711 kWh DC

This client successfully lowered their operation cost by implementing a rooftop solar power system. Lead by 174 PG, this large-scale beverage distribution center was able to lower their overhead electricity costs.

Energy output: 861,600 kW/year 

This large-scale beverage distribution center operates along the Bronx River in Hunts Point. Looking to lower operational costs, the client hired 174 Power Global to install a rooftop solar system to reduce the facility’s electricity costs. 174 Power Global provided turn-key engineering and construction, installing more than 2,000 solar panels on the building’s flat rooftop, generating 711 kW in peak power and offsetting more than 700,000 pounds of coal burned each year.

The client was able to install this solar system with 174 Power Global at no cost and now pays a rate much lower than what they were previously paying through the grid. They will continue to save money on electricity costs for decades to come.