Completed: October 2018
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Scale: 626 kW DC

Energy output: 775,333 kWh/year

Liberty Distributors operates a 92,472 sq. ft. distribution center in Brooklyn, NY. They first decided to go solar in 2015 to reduce operational electricity costs. In 2018, they decided to expand the system beyond their own electricity needs to create an additional revenue stream.

174 Power Global designed and built this 626 kW rooftop solar system. In 2015, 1,617 solar panels were installed to produce enough energy to power two Liberty Distributors’ facilities including this one. In 2018, another 414 solar panels were added, covering any remaining roof space, with the energy to be distributed to community members.

The 2015 project powers 100% of the facility’s electricity (behind the meter) as well as 100% of another Liberty Distributors’ facility in Brooklyn (remote net metering). The 2018 addition produces 140 kW of power, which is distributed via Con Edison, providing an additional revenue stream to the client (Community Solar).