Hanwha Energy announced on Jan. 21 that it was selected as the final contractor for the project to construct and operate a solar energy storage system (ESS) power plant that was hosted by the Hawaii Electric Power Corporation (HECO).

Hanwha Energy will operate a power plant that connects the 52-MW solar energy generation with the ESS battery capacity of 208MWh on Oahu Island in Hawaii for 20 years. Total size of this project is about $140 million (about 157 billion won),including project development and construction cost.

Hanwha Energy was selected as the final bidder after receiving a bid request for the HECO’s  Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) in February last year and passing through the bidding process.

A total of seven companies selected for the project’s final contract included global ESS companies, such as the world’s No. 1 ESS company, AES of the United States.

“It is meaningful that we have won the project, which is the biggest in terms of the capacity of single-project batteries, in the U.S., which is a powerhouse in the energy new business field,” a company spokesman said.

By Kim Min-jee
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