A subsidiary of a Fortune Global 500 company, 174 Power Global is a nationwide leading developer of solar PV generation and battery energy storage solutions (BESS) for commercial and industrial projects. Our portfolio and opportunities run the gamut and are backed by a strong balance sheet. We are a turnkey project developer offering everything from design and engineering to financing, installation, and maintenance.

Access to a Real-Time Energy Management System

An energy storage system solution is only as valuable as its actual operation allows. Our energy storage systems come with access to an Energy Management System (EMS) that optimizes the ESS decision-making process in real-time to execute on the project’s operating plan. Using machine-learning and AI technology, the EMS balances all the project variables including the local site’s energy needs, market prices, grid services commitments, battery safety and degradation needs to deliver the best results. The EMS and its front-end dashboard will become an essential tool to achieve the ESS project goals and maximize ROI.

Flexible financing options

174 Power Global offers a variety of methods to generate and store solar energy for our consumer and industrial partners. All of these options offer stabilized energy rates and a natural hedge against fluctuating wholesale energy prices.

Operating Lease
Land Lease
Description There are multiple benefits to owning the system that generates and stores the power for our clients’ facilities, specifically tax credits and accelerated depreciation.
Description This option offers the best of both worlds, giving clients the opportunity to lease a solar generation or storage facility for their place of business with no money down. Following the lease, ownership of the facility is then transferred to the lessor.
Description Host a solar and storage solution on your property to supply the grid and surrounding community with clean energy and reliable on-demand power. This option allows property owners to earn a reliable revenue while supporting renewable energy for their tenants and community.
Term Lease
Term Lease
  • Term Length of 25+ Years
Term Lease
  • Term Length of 7-10 Years; then ownership
Term Lease
  • Term Length of 20 Years
  • Maintenance plans available
  • Shared responsibility
  • No maintenance
ROI & Savings
ROI & Savings
  • Best ROI
  • Stabilized Energy Costs
  • Federal Income Tax Credit (ITC)
  • 5-year (MACRS) accelerated depreciation
  • Local Rebates
ROI & Savings
  • Better ROI
  • Stabilized Energy Costs
  • No Money Down
  • Tax Credit & depreciation monetization
ROI & Savings
  • Stable ROI
  • Stabilized source of revenue
  • No money down
  • Turn unused land into a fixed income
Beyond bill savings and rate optimization, an ESS can also unlock additional revenue from regional programs. Check out a summary of some of the most notable incentives by state below.

Check Out Incentives By State

New York

New York State has one of the most ambitious solar programs in the country. Currently the state utilizes net metering as the main mechanism to earn value with solar. Net metering is a one for one credit for every kWh of electricity your solar system produces, meaning the utility credits you what they would have charged you. Given New York State’s high cost of electricity with respect to other states net metering is particularly valuable. New York also has state and utility based incentives for solar in addition to federal incentives.

See More Information About New York Incentives Here.


Massachusetts has a robust solar program. In addition to traditional net-metering, which is a one for one credit for every kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity your solar system produces, Massachusetts established the Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) program. The SMART program adds value on top the retail rate of electricity for every kWh your solar system produces. Massachusetts also has state and federal tax incentives for solar.

See More Information About Massachusetts Incentives Here.