174 Power Global seeks out employees with talent, integrity, enthusiasm and passion. Our movers and shakers are seasoned professionals with innate business acumen and years of hands-on experience. Most of our staff have careers spanning 15 to 30 years in their respective fields of expertise.

Our team members demonstrate sound business judgment, an ability to function well in new and unique situations, while highly adept at understanding and contributing to our company and our partners’ vision. You will find we are good listeners, quick learners and hard workers — colleagues who are relentless and driven to reach and surpass your goals.

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Henry Yun, Ph.D.

President of 174 Power Global

Deborah Reyes

VP of Project Development,
Eastern U.S. Markets &

Pauline Ung

VP of Legal and Asset Fund

Craig Howard

Senior Director of Project Finance

Sally Huang

Senior Corporate Counsel 

Betsey Biesty

Director of Project Development, Permitting

Carolyn Byun

Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel

Lawrence Greene

VP of Project Development,
Western U.S. Markets &

Ken Kostok P.E.

Senior Director of Engineering and O&M

William Shore

Senior Director of Project Finance

Ben Sturgeon

Senior Corporate Counsel 


Grace McNamara

Director of Business Development

Doyeop Jason Kim

Chief Strategy Officer,

Head of Business Development & Strategy Division 

Hao Wang

VP of Project Finance

Darrin Batchelor

Senior Director of Technical Operations

Janet Lee

Senior Corporate Counsel 

Tammy Hom

Senior Corporate Counsel

Brison Ellinghaus

Director of Project Development, Interconnection and Land Development