Completed: 2020 (in development)
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Scale: Total 400 MWac

Once all phases are complete and all the sites are fully operational, Techren Solar will be one of the largest solar photovoltaic facilities in the United States.

Located 25 miles southeast of Las Vegas, Techren Solar sized at more than 400MWac. Spreading over 2,300 acres of the El Dorado Valley Energy Zone, Techren Solar was sold to a partner prior to COD and is now contracted under a 25-year Power Purchase Agreement with Nevada Energy. Techren Solar provides clean and competitive priced energy to the greater Las Vegas communities.


  • Techren Solar I Facility: Completed in August 2019
  • Techren Solar II Facility: Completed in August 2019 
  • Phase III: Estimated completion late 2020
  • Phase IV: Estimated completion late 2020
  • Phase V: Estimated completion late 2020


  • Techren Solar I Facility: 100 MWac
  • Techren Solar II Facility: 200 MWac
  • Techren Solar III Facility: 25 MWac
  • Techren Solar IV Facility: 25 MWac
  • Techren Solar V Facility: 50 MWac

Total 400 MWac